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Here at Streams Of Energy, we are all about providing you with information and products that will allow you to Strengthen your Mind Body and Spirit connection. Just like a three legged stool, if you are short in any of these areas, your life will be unbalanced, and you could be setting yourself up for a fall. Our personal experience has taught us that achieving this balance is possible with persistence, the right information, and the right products.

We believe it is important to only put things into the body that come from nature. Because of this, we searched for (and found!) some of the best all natural and USDA Organic herbs, teas and supplements around. We also have the very popular Mother Earth’s Remedy formulas. A unique line of products designed to holistically address many common health issues. This allows you to give your body the necessary ingredients it needs to create a healthy body with a strong immune system that is resistant to disease and illness.

Crystals also come from the earth, and they too are able to help our bodies on many different levels. Whether you are using one of our ORIGINAL Energy Streamers, our GemEnergy ® Single Note Elixirs, or simply carrying a few Tumbled Crystals in your pocket, these stones can benefit you in ways you probably never imagined.

 Don’t forget the animals in your life! We have a large variety of Pet Friendly Products in our Rodger Recommends Category. And be sure to check out our ORIGINAL Pet Streamers, they are a convenient and affordable way to provide animals with Crystal Therapy. They also make a wonderful gift for any animal lover.  

We are proud to provide a vast selection of products and information, mixed with a little humor,so that you may achieve and maintain the necessary balance in your life. When you add to this, your own persistence, you will be well on your way to expanding your Mind, nourishing your Body, and lifting your Spirit.

~Spreading Love & Gratitude,
Robin Light